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Bedroom Colors

To make your room becomes a haven of peace,  You must give a lot of attention to the colors of your walls, fabrics & decorative objects.  Here are some tips to cook up a nest.

The importance of color
They affect our mood and play a fundamental role in our well being. Colors greatly influence our lives today. Their impact on our psyche, their ability to bring a real atmosphere to our homes, they are symbolic elements to be considered especially in decorating a room. But do not forget that there is no right or wrong color for this intimate room. When you choose your bedroom furniture from any furniture shop, keep in mind that it must be in perfect harmony with your taste and be carefully balanced for a successful deco.

warm color bedroom Bedroom Colors

The warm colors
To facilitate sleep, it is best to avoid the dominance of so-called hot colors. These are vibrant colors that are more conducive to activity and therefore the living rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom. Red, for example, has a stimulating power and increases heart rate. Yellow, it is tonic, invigorating. He brings an energy and good humor too large for a bedroom. The same goes for the orange part of the room in a real dynamic. If these colors are close to your heart, you can however be distilled in small or on a decorative pillows. It’s all about quantity!

cool color bedroom Bedroom Colors

Cool colors
The pastel shades and colors can cold your sleep! In the top 3 colors for relaxation and rest, the blue comes undoubtedly in the first place. Bid on a offwhite for its softness. But nuancez color from other colors to avoid a certain gloom. Go for the chocolate side curtains or ivory for your bed linen. Green ranks second on the podium. Harmonious balance of color symbol, green is ideal for a bedroom. Attention to be given again a complementarity with a secondary color. The marriage of pastel green with a blue will include a real softness to your room. Finally, the rose by its delicacy and soothing side is entirely appropriate for a room. Complete with a decoration in shades of white, cream, pastel yellow or even red.

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